Coming Soon To A Bedroom Near You....

 I have a very exciting announcement to make!~ As mentioned in this episode: Content will be:   An Older Gay Guy Show  -  Interviews, Gay Health, Gay Aging, etc. Joey After Dark                 -  True-Life Erotic Stories, ASMR, Sleep Talk Joey After Dark YouTube Channel  - you can subscribe, but After Dark content will begin July 5th.

STORY - Construction Site J/O - Part 2

 In this episode, I continue the STORY titled  Construction Site Jack-Off . There will also be the Part 3 Conclusion to the STORY coming up in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy the show !

Skinny-Dipping in a Cemetery Pond

This is a  STORY TIME  episode. In this show I offer you up  TWO  Stories ! 1) Skinny-Dipping in a Cemetery Pond and 2) Sex in an Operating Room Enjoy ! 

Increasing Your Sex Drive - ED, Dick Pumps, HRT and Lifestyle

Many of you ask about 'missing' episodes in my back catalog, so I decided to take one of the older episodes and re-issue it with some new content. In this episode, I talk about subjects that I have discussed in the past, however, I think you will enjoy this new episode. I give you some stats, I discuss my own sex life, and I try to give you a few laughs.

Construction Site Jack-Off

This is one of the rare times I am going to post a true-life sexual story. Most of my stories are erotic, but I have never told one that had an actual sexual experience in it. And so, I offer you this story that happened to me when I was 18-years old.

Unusual Masturbation

Men should ejaculate about 21 times per month for prostate health. But, as many of us are older, sometimes we get bored with jerking off when we are single. In this episode, I talk about a new way I learned to um,  entertain  ourselves. The video I reference in the show is the following link. If it does not work, copy and paste so you can see it.

The Craziest Place I've Had Sex

I tell a story about my life that you just won't believe, but it is 1000% true. If you want a good laugh, this might just do it !

Night Drive with D**ks Out

This is a true-life story of an encounter that I had with a family member. My fondly used phrase 'We're just guys, doing guy stuff' came from this experience. It took place August of 1974.

Masturbation - Part 2

In this continuation of a re-broadcast of my LIVE Pride48 Show this Summer, I finish this series with an episode that has me reading listener's emails about their own methods and experiences jerking-off. Some are funny, some are quite inspiring, but it does show the varying kinds of self-pleasure that exists. Since this is part of that hour-long LIVE episode, I continue to ask Vintage TV and Movie Trivia Questions. At the beginning of this episode, I ask you to participate in a listening challenge.

Jocks in the Changing Room & YouTube Star Davey Wavey Visits !

A jam packed super-sized episode today. First I start off telling you about an awesome memory that I have about when I used to go down to the Southeastern Massachusetts Factory Outlets when I was in high school, and a certain day when 4 blond, tanned, muscular brothers had to try on some sports clothing in the factory's one large men's changing room. In the second half of today's show, I interview YouTube and Gay Social Media SUPERSTAR  Davey Wavey , who catches us up on what he's been up to, including a very special new site for gay men's sex education via some extremely hot videos ! Don't miss this! Of course I ask a Vintage TV Trivia Question, this one about  Golden Girls.

Masturbation - Part 1

 This is Part 1 of the LIVE Show that I did at the end of June for the Pride48 LGBTQ+ Network. In this episode, I ask several Vintage and Current TV Trivia Questions, I discuss a few reasons why it is recommended that you Masturbate a couple of times per week at a minimum, and I tell you about the first times I jerked-off when I was young. In a couple of weeks, I will be putting out Part 2, which will have several listener stories about their own methods of cumming. (If you have an interesting or unusual method, I am still looking to add a couple of more into Part 2, so please send them to me. The email address is mentioned in this episode).

Bubble Butts At The Swimming Hole

Another fun weekend, another hot adventure. I took our dog Lola out to Western Massachusetts to try to go swimming together. Well, it didn't work out that way, but what happened instead is like a cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. I love these unexpected sightings. The stuff that erotic stories are made of.

The Underwear Thief Strikes Again

In this story episode, I tell you about how my obsession with used clothing started.  This tale is from when I was a Freshman in High School. I thought the guy I describe in the showers was one of the most handsome guys I had ever seen. Please enjoy.

Naked Jocks In The Steam Room

In today's episode, I tell you a true-life story of what happened following one of my workouts in the new gym. I think you'll like it.  

Guys At Midnight Naked Dancing Around A Mayan Temple

The story of my first visit to Mexico in my 20's in 1985, and the hot and bizarre encounter I had with a group of partying Mexican straight young guys. This is a story I shall never forget and I want to share it with you this New Year's Eve. 

Guys Flexing Their Muscles

It begins with a short true-to-life, somewhat erotic story and then I give a detailed explanation as to how guys flex their muscles and pose and the intense preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest. This is an insider's look into a world that most people will never see. From posing trunk selection, to entire body shaving, I think you'll find this interesting (and somewhat hot!).

College Wrestlers

For one season in the early 1980's, I was asked by a University in Boston to film some of the wrestler's practices and competition matches. This is the story. For anyone not familiar with wrestling, I review the uniform and one of the most controversial, and in some levels, a banned wrestling move called 'The Oil Check' (or 'The Butt Drag').  

Thwapping My Nuts

An upcoming birthday celebration for Paco in New York City brings memories of my very first trip to NYC with some buddies where we played 'Thwap My Nuts' during the long drive.

The Blond Shaggy-Haired Surfer Boy with the Darkest Tan and the Brightest Blue Eyes

A Story Episode about my childhood summers growing up on a lake in Maine and my first boyhood crush.

Cum !

A news update, another Vintage TV Trivia Question and also a discussion about Cum (semen), including some important info for you to review with your physician. The health of your Prostate is a very important part of longevity and overall health. All this is discussed. Plus, some shout-outs !

Black Bodybuilders in the Sauna

Just for fun, I tell you all about an encounter I had today while in the sauna. Two of the most beautiful jacked bodybuilders had my attention.


 Cruising is one of the hobbies of gay men. Some collect stamps. Some collect guys when cruising. Of course cruising can also be just simply checking out guys when in public. Wherever hot guys go, guys will cruise. In this extended episode, I take a look at the 1980 film 'Cruising' starring Al Pacino and its effect on the gay community. Also, what would an episode be without a true-life story from me. In this episode you get one longer one and a short one for your entertainment.

Fire-Crotch and Donkey-Dong

 I had another 'Close Encounter of the Sauna Kind' today and just wanted to share this thought-provoking (LOL) and guy-junk-stirring story with you.

3 Guys, 1 Tent

 Who knew getting bare-assed while camping could be so much fun?! In this episode, I update you on a few things, and then I get into the awesome tale of when I went camping with 2 buddies. It's a good story, so if you like my Jockstrap will like this!

Yeah, But Will My Dick Fall Off?

 A look at the new CDC guidelines for safe sex. I announce the start of the 'Jockstrap Stories' podcast for my erotic/horror fiction.

The Hot Latino Identical Twins

In this episode, I give you some awesome news about my upcoming serialized books, plus, I ran into my own hot jock story today at the gym!

Jockstrap Stories - "After Football" - Part 2

This is the much requested second-part of the erotic Jockstrap Story "After Football". There is vulgar language and extreme locker room talk.

Naked Martial Arts

This first episode of 2018 I tell you the funny and hot story of when I was in a Taekwondo Competition in Connecticut when I was in my 20's. This is just another example of the 'interesting' situations I get myself into. LOL. I hope you enjoy!

Jockstrap Stories - "After Football" - Part 1

By request, this is Part 1 of a re-publish of my erotic story "After Football". Part 2 will be aired right after the 1st of the New Year. THIS IS A HARDCORE LOCKER ROOM/JOCK story. It is very explicit.

Football Jock Stories

This episode is NOT for everyone. This is an erotic story episode. If these kinds of stories bother you, you might want to skip this episode. However, if you enjoy this type of fiction, then do not miss this episode!

Naked Hiking

Ah, the great outdoors! And, the great outdoors while NAKED! Now that is a winning combination. An adventure story about 30 guys heading up into the wilderness of Maine to do what guys do best.

Sweaty Movers

 What do movers do when they bring appliances into a deserted new home on a sweltering hot day? Well.......

The College Jock

There is seldom a hotter thing than college guys hanging out in their underwear in a dorm. At age 16, I was obsessed with two college jocks that lived across from my boyfriend's apartment. They always gave me an interesting Saturday night. 

Bare-Ass Muscle

Ever wonder what it is like to prepare for Bodybuilding Contest? The posing practice, the shaving (of everything), the tanning, the pump-up--- all these are intimate situations that are a part of the muscle-guy-bonding experience. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the homo-erotic practices of bodybuilding.

Dick Health & Manscaping

We talk about the various stages of Manscaping and a few important things to do to keep your junk in full working order.

Sex Snot - Hankerchiefs

We hit the wayback machine and go to the year 1976. Colored handkerchiefs ruled the bars. Who knew the gay rainbow was this vast?! Honestly, if you need a laugh, listen to this one.

Muscle Camp

A story episode, I tell you all about my attendance at The Joe Weider Pro-Bodybuilding Camp in Southern California in 1987. This is a homoerotic story about the muscle guys and training that went on at the camp. I hope you enjoy this story about one of the best things I ever did in bodybuilding.

Don't Let Your Balls Touch Mine !

a hot story telling of my last New Year's Eve of my 20's, when some buddies and I went up to an empty chalet from some partying, skiing, snowboarding and hot-tubbing! Have fun. 

The Bathmate HydroMax for Stronger Erections

A shortened and re-tooled episode from a previous version. Learn about the Bathmate HydroMax X30, for use to increase blood flow to your sexual region to aid in stronger and firmer erections for older men that may have erectile dysfunction. This tool can also be used by any man for potential increase in penis size and a more satisfactory sexual experience.  

Don't Piss On My Hollywood Star Of Fame !

 The story of my attempt to become a star in Hollywood. (spoiler alert: I'm NOT a star! LOL) I hope you find this story amusing and interesting. At the conclusion of the show, instead of my usual outro music, I offer you a surprise. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Tales of the Underwear Thief

The thief STRIKES when you least expect it! A couple of tales of dumb things that were done when we were younger. I hope you get a chuckle out of this episode.

Jock Feet

What is it about Guy's Feet that make some people go crazy? Is it just any foot? Certain shapes? Smell? I tell you about my history with a 'foot thing' (I won't say fetish) and end with a funny story you just have to hear!

Skinny-Dipping on Fire Island

Tales of my experiences on Fire Island vacations. Why do I always end up bare-assed? Sex filled nights and Lesbian filled days......(I LOVE YOU, my Lesbian listeners!!), what could be more exciting?!?!

Gym Showers

What happened to Gang Showers? Why are guys so freakin' modest these days? I tell you all about how Gym Showers used to be, I compare them to today's more modest world, and I of course tell you a very unforgettable story!

Sleeping Bare Assed

Sleeping naked has many benefits; some for health, and some for fun! In this episode I tell you two humorous stories about my own experience sleeping butt naked, and review an article about the true benefits of naked snoozing.

Boner Pills

 An honest and somewhat funny talk about Erectile Dysfunction and those magic pills that help us get a BONER!